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After the property is owned, we make a subscription to Electricity and Water.

part One
New Law: Cancellation of Reciprocity Law per amendments to Land Registry Law no. 6302 (published in Official Gazette date 18 may 2012). More on this below
works of law
Code of Obligations (OGB): for building contract law
Civil Code (ZGB): for property law, e.g. Transfer and encumbrance of land
Land Registry Act: Guidance Land Register, Registration Procedure
Consumer Protection Act: also applies to self-occupied real estate
Stock Property Law / Cooperative Law: applies to home ownership and time ownership
Monument Protection Law: this may result in further restrictions on the protection of cultural assets
Under Turkish law, the legal transactions of sale and purchase are withheld from the land registry. Notaries are not authorized. A notary, on the other hand, can contractually bind the seller's obligation to sell to a specified customer and payment arrangements. The actual transfer of the real estate then takes place at the land registry.
Attention: Danger on demand of purchase price / down payments on the purchase price before actual land transfer before the land registry. Even if the seller has contractually agreed before a notary to transfer the property, the buyer does not own the property without the legal acts at the land registry despite the possibly already fully paid purchase price. Therefore, the performance of the full purchase price before transfer before the Land Registry is to be discouraged.
The land register (= Tapu) enjoys public beliefs. This means that objects are only charged if a corresponding entry exists in the Tapu. The same applies to ownership - Owner is the natural or legal entity that is listed in full in the Tapu!
new regulations
Law No. 5444 of 29.12.2005, published on January 7, 2006 in the Official Gazette No. 26046, reallocated the real estate acquisition in Turkey by foreign natural and legal persons.
With the amendment of Article 35 of the Land Registry Act No. 2644, the acquisition of real estate by foreign natural persons as well as corporations with legal personality, which were established abroad under the laws of the respective country, was placed on a new basis in Turkey.
Accordingly, foreign natural persons, subject to reciprocity and compliance with the relevant legal restrictions, may acquire real estate for the purpose of use as a business or residence, which have been registered for this purpose in a qualified development plan or local development plan.
A new amendment to the law in 2012 (Law No. 6302, published on May 18, 2012 in Official Gazette No. 28296, Arts. 35 and 36 of the Land Registry Act) introduced further relief. For example, The principle of reciprocity for a list of countries, including Germany, has been dropped. In addition, the area acquired by foreigners has risen to 30 hectares. For details, see below.
The total area of real estate acquired by foreign natural persons in Turkey may not exceed 30 hectares (300,000 square meters).
On justified request of the Council of Ministers, this area can be extended to 60 hectares.
For property transferred by inheritance to nationals whose state is reciprocal with Turkey, these restrictions do not apply. Reciprocity means that the other state has also made a similar arrangement. Due to the abolition of the principle of reciprocity mentioned above, this restriction no longer applies to Germany.
Traders with legal personality established abroad under the laws of their country of origin may acquire real estate in compliance with special legal provisions.
Further restrictions apply in restricted and security zones.
Caution: This also applies if a property falls within the scope of an inheritance to a foreigner. This may be important for couples of different nationality.
In addition, there are exceptions for rural areas that are located in tourist areas, including Alanya including surrounding villages.
Outside the village boundaries, according to the new law, a maximum of five per thousand of a territory may be sold to foreigners. It is not yet clear how the term area or tourist region is to be defined. Here are further provisions and judgments to wait.
For flats this should not play a big role, because the land area is counted even when several apartments sold only once as foreigners.
Costs and taxes
The actual purchase transaction must be either by the person concerned at the Land Registry or by a notary with a notary

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We practice our business with a personal touch focused on the highest degree of professional services, delivered in a very individualized manner to best serve the needs of the homeowner, investor or lending institution and our community

Our personnel speaking several languages will accompany you to furniture shops or offer you furniture package. While you are resting we will control furniture to be delivered to your apartment. You won't have to bother finding a vehicle and carrying the goods you bought with our assist. Our team prepare the home you are going to live in with pleasure without charging any fee.

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